Slick's (aka Sandi's) trip to Africa

Sharing our adventures in the Kingdom

Yes, this is a MAF plane in Ecuador and we plan to fly with AIM AIR in Africa… but it is a little airplane of the sort we’ll likely be flying!


We planned to go see Africa together...but Donna backed out, citing something to do with being pregnant (so much gets attributed to that these days…). So Slick ventured forth and returned with a few pictures. His purpose was to show what the daily life of a missionary pilot and his/her family is like. So don’t expect tons of glorious shots of exotic animals and amazing sunsets. What animals there are, appeared within sight of Nairobi’s skyline, and will still probably impress you!

As time marches onward, God reveals His plans little by little. Our best understanding of them for the next two years is outlined roughly on the “travel plans” page. We’ll do our best to visit everyone we know as we pass by where you happen to be living.

You can also follow our adventures via Donna’s infrequent emails—just email her and request to be on “the list” - or via her (also infrequent) blog at (see links above and below).

The bottom line is that God seems to be leading us to Africa to fly. Slick retires from the USAF next spring. We’ll be traveling and training until summer 2011 when we plan to arrive in  Africa. After a brief stay in Nairobi, we hope to move off to Entebbe, Uganda for a little more rural environment.

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Phone: 803-983-8874 (Slick)

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