2000 to 2020

A brief history of this book

"Why do you care about the Bible?" Lisa panted as we jogged between rice paddies outside our small, northern Japanese town of Misawa in 2000. She knew that I went to Officer Christian Fellowship and that sometimes I mentioned what Jesus had done in the twists and turns of my life and how the Bible felt like my lifeline even though much of it was mysterious to me.

Lisa admitted wanting to know more about the Bible, because even though she’d grown up with it, it was still an intimidatingly big book. I felt the same and since there were several other women interested in meeting weekly, we began to study the Bible – all of it. All that to say, many thanks to Lisa, Kath, Betsey and Amy for starting this venture. And to Kevyn for catalyzing the reformat of this study.

Preparing to lead that first Bible study, I meandered through a bookstore somewhere in the US and came across the study guide called Cover to Cover, Getting the Bible’s Big Picture by Gerry Matheson. Credit for the initial structure of this study goes to that helpful little book.

Thanks also to Ashley, Mary, Lexie and Tanja for showing me that even today, young folks are willing and able to read an hour of Scripture each day and learn from what they've read. You all are impressive! Same to Wendi, Julie, Laura, Kori, Meghan, Anna, Tricia and Alicia. I so much appreciate all of you investing your time and research into this study, and being willing to share with imperfect strangers from around the globe.